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To support the growth and development of Asia’s spa and wellness industry; consisting of world-class talents, for both current and future generations.


To raise the profile and professionalism of Asia’s spa and wellness industry by providing continual learning and training, through formal education and structured courses with certified practitioners.

About Us

Asia Spa Institution (ASI) is a non-proft institution serving as an advisory role to Asia Spa Academy (ASA). Our journey startedin the year 2005, with a clear goal in mind, to offer formal training and education to existing and incoming spa talents. Serving as a centre for continual development, we partner with regional and global authorities to align with industry standards; giving our talents the right education to meet future challenges. We want you to succeed and to continue living the spirit of growth for Asia’s spa and wellness industry.


To maintain its industry standards, ASI actively involves in the spa and wellness scene to keep up to date with innovations.

Since 2006, ASI has proudly partnered with the prestigious Ivy League Cornell University for the first series of Spa Executive development programs in Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. Asian Management Association (AMA), with the support of the Association of International Management (AIM) UK, recently awarded Asia Spa Institution (ASI) with Prestigious Professional Enterprise Certification (PEC). The distinction marks ASI as a unique icon in Spa Training; earning respect and learning worthiness, in the eyes of the industry.

In 2012, ASI won the recognition from World Leisure Conference ”Best Practices in Spa and Wellness Education Training in Asia.”

On 14th November ASI signed “MOU” with Seoul National University to establish long-term partnership healthtainment, eco-system, education and business collaboration. This event is held in Hong Kong and MOU signed jointly with Dr Theresa Chew-Tan and Dr. Jang Tae So, one of the pioneers of Medical Spa in Korea, along with other distinguished speakers and with 13 participants at the HK Spa Master class.

At the helm of the school's leadership are prominent spa players Dr. Theresa Chew-Tan, Co-Founder & Chair of Asia Spa Institute and Deborah Patel, International Trainer, and Founder & CEO of Expressingyou. All Asia Spa Institution speakers and lecturers are well respected and considered significant figures in the spa and hospitality industry.

Education Opportunities

Education helps reinforce our knowledge of the spa and wellness industry, a path to unlock further opportunities. At ASI, we firmly believe in the investment of our Asia’s spa talents. We know you have the passion and potential to go far, and we will do our best to help you get there.

SPA Master Class and Internship program To kickstart your journey in the spa and wellness industry, we have established a holistic tertiary educational program for you to graduate with confidence. Apart from education, this inaugural program provides you with internship opportunities to broaden your horizon; putting what you learn into practice.

1) Overseas presence ASI offers students to go across borders for both educational courses and on the job training – serving as the central contact point for all necessary arrangements. Students will receive arranged local homestay/accommodation placements and enroll into accredited private high school in Asia, with individual and educational needs well taken care of. Experience cultural exchange abroad; study and work aboard for your development in the spa and wellness industry.

2) Globally recognised To ensure you get the best education and training, ASI partners closely with a selection of top spa institutions, universities and corporate companies across Asia. Tapping on their network, students will be well-trained and graduate with globally recognised qualifications to take on the challenges in the spa and wellness industry.

3) Career development Be assured, at ASI, we seek to complement education with real-life experience in practical situations. Students will experience working in 5/6-star hotels resort spa, days spa and medical spas. This approach is to pair students with industry needs and to give you the right exposure to future career prospects.


1) How will students be assigned?
Each member participating in the ASI program will assign a country host member to coordinate who will serve as your contact point at your host internship program. They will take care of their arrival scheduling, job opportunity, and entry information.

They will also work closely with the ASI office to provide you with the best homestay possible. They will screen, monitor, and match you to the family or individual that will best meet your individual needs.

2) How will the travel and homestay be arranged?
Students handle their travel costs to and from their country to Singapore However, ASI can help with travel plans if necessary. Destination cities and airports will be included in the student information packet, which the student receives after having paid the Application Fee and the Administration Fees.

If needed, your ASI School Coordinator will meet you at the airport to transport you to your homestay location. Please note a $100 transportation fee is required for this service.

3) What is expected of spa students?
Students are expected to attend the masterclass and participate actively as a member of the team, institution, neighbourhood and the country.

4) What can you expect of ASI?
ASI works diligently to monitor students admitted to the program and to make the best matches possible between homestay families and students. ASI coordinators meet, greet, and orient new students and homestay so their experiences can be the best possible. We work to clarify the expectations of all involved and uncover any misunderstandings that may occur while providing ongoing support and advice to all concerned.

5) Who can apply?
Full-time students ages 19-25 with:
- C+ grade average in tertiary education or bachelor degree
- Good health and positive character
Students must agree to follow the rules and guidelines of the program. Applicants are required to come to the Asia with sufficient spending money for the time they will spend in Asia and a valid return airline ticket to their home country.

6) When to apply?
For February, May, August and November entrance, applications must be submitted two months before the Spa Masterclass program. The application deadline is three weeks before the spa master class

7) How to apply? All applicants need to submit: - The application forms with necessary photographs
- Photocopy of your school records for the last three years with official English translation
- One letter of recommendation from a teacher of English
- The English proficiency test
- Health and Immunizations section of the application fully completed by your doctor (with English translation).

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