The Founders and Board Advisor

Dr. Theresa Chew-Tan

Theresa Chew-Tan is the Founder of ASIA and ASA with her team of board of advisor. For over 22 years, She remains actively involved in education. Together with her team, they continue the improve the quality of education and strive to choose the most suitable schools, institutions, universities and programmes.

Apichai Jeeradisak / Khun Apichai

Apichai is the Chairman of Federation of Thai Spa Associations and current Managing Director of Spa Ovations Thailand Company Limited, Alpha Cosmetics Company Limited & Spaplan Company Limited. A seasoned spa veteran, Apichai shares from his long experience that helped shape the Thai spa industry and the Thai tourism-driven spa market. Khun Apichai brings the secret of how this century-long cultural heritage and wisdom has helped to differentiate the Thai spa from the rest of Asia.

Dr. & Professor Emeritus Roberta Leung

Roberta has been active in the hotel, tourism, and hospitality industry for over 20 yrs and has been teaching in 14 universities internationally for 20 yrs. She is a specialist consultant and expert educator in Human Resource Management and Hospitality Management and has worked with Regent International Hotels, Century International Hotels, Westin International Hotels and Inter-Continental Hotels. She has visited reviewed over a hundred fifty spas around the world.

Professor Irini Tang

Dr. Irini Tang is currently the Assistant Professor at the City University of Macau, and she is also the Project Supervisor / Assessor of Middlesex University, UK. Dr. Tang is a pioneer in developing the benchmark / assessment framework for the Day Spa, and she has also participated in the new programme development of 2 tertiary-level courses entitled "Certificate in Recreational Spa Management" and "B.Sc (Hons) in Sports Management" at the HKU SPACE since 2009. Dr. Tang has served in the academic for the past 15 years.

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