“ I have amazing memories of my course at Asia Spa Academy (ASA). I really enjoyed the class and the time spent with my classmates. I have also found the lectures very patient and knowledgeable. I truly believe that this experience will be very helpful for my future. I am very much looking forward to see you soon and embark in another course at with you” Ganga Gurung, from Mira Hotel, Hong Kong

“This course is absolutely suitable for any Spa managers, supervisors, and potential business people or just for self-development to attend. It helped me a lot in understanding what I was doing correctly and gave me a new perspective and direction to move forward. I would definitely recommend this course!” Gloria Yueng, from Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong

“I have enjoyed the course at ASA a lot and I would definitely recommend it to other people! Studying at ASA helped me to learn and develop new skills related to my job. It also enabled me to learn more about very useful marketing techniques”. Ivy Yue Fei Fei, from Ning Wellness Spa, Singapore

“The course I have attended at ASA has been absolutely helpful for me. I have found it very relevant for my job and important to improve my skills. The lectures were knowledgeable and very open to share their experiences to make the course even more fascinating”. Zoe Zhong Yu Quing from Peninsula Hotel, Beijing

“I am pretty happy of having attended ASA course. I have found the materials learnt very useful and helpful for my real life job. What I have valued the most are definitely the experiences shared by the lectures that were very patient and nice to us”. Leon Chian Inn Janet, from Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore

“I have taken the first course at ASA in 2012. At that time I had just opened a spa and I have found the course very stimulating and useful. Lectures were knowledgeable and very open to share any additional experience to enhance our studies. I have then attended again a course in 2013 just to refresh and keep updated my knowledge. Within these years I have been able to expand to 4 spas in Hong Kong. I believe this course helped me a lot in growing my career” Ratanothon Oranuch, Hong Kong

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